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The most complete toolkit to connect and sell, online and off

Shorten any long URL, create dynamic QR codes, gorgeous Bio Pages, branded overlays and more!

Track your stats, retarget, and never lose contact!

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Turn long URLs into shortlinks that get clicks!

No one will ever click on your 98-character link.

Create memorable shortlinks that really reflect your brand. Transform forgettable long URLs into click-ready links to use in emails, text messages, webpages, social media, collateral and more.

Easily customize the appearance of a shared post on social networks. Edit the title and description, add a banner and make your links standout to boost your CTR!

Track, capture & retarget everyone who clicks on your links through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Ads… Superpower your ads, never share a plain link again!

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Connect your digital world to the physical!

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Create unlimited dynamic, trackable QR codes - add your logo, change the color, and add a call-to-action frame! "Dynamic" means you can update the contents or links anytime without having to generate a new code or reprint your materials.

Let your contacts instantly save your contact information on their smartphones with a QR Code on your phone or printed on business cards. Lead your prospect to a coupon, event, webinar listing, class schedule, restaurant menu, a PDF — the uses are unlimited!

Absolutely indispensable for anything printed. Print them on signs, business cards, posters, stickers, and use them everywhere!

One link to share everything you create and sell.

Engage your Instagram or social community to build meaningful relationships with your followers.

Create a mobile-friendly website in a few clicks, under your brand, that you own, and and share it in your bio.

These mini-landing pages are designed for mobile, so you can use them as a more comprehensive biolink for your social profiles to redirect leads to your most important content.

Create gorgeous bio pages with multiple links, images, videos, and more! Collect payments, add a tip jar, get signups and contact forms.

No limit to the number of bio pages or styles. Includes over 50 unique, creative background templates, or you can upload your own.

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Overlay a call-to-action in any link you share!

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Send your followers to anywhere -- including 3d-party content -- without losing them!

LINKOVERS and SplashLinks add a call-to-action to every link you share, enabling you to overlay your own custom message that links back to you onto any piece of content anywhere.

Include a call-to-action, a coupon code, a poll or survey, newsletter signup or contact form with every link you share.

Sharing content with your followers is great until you realize you’re losing prospects with every link. Now you can redirect visitors back to you, using owned or external content and retargeting pixels!

See how everyday folks are crushing it with LINKEM:

Never lose contact with your audience!

Stay in touch even after they leave your page.

LINKEM allows you to retarget and remarket so you can keep showing your visitors relevant content - even after they've left!

97% of people who visit your site or click on your links leave without really engaging with you, and then they’re lost forever. Unless you can bring them back by retargeting.

You can add tracking pixels to everything you share to increase your reach and redirect visitors back to a relevant page. Retargeting reminds prospects of your products and services after they visit your content or click on your link.

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Sync with all your favorite apps.

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No need to choose favorites.

Make any connection you like using our open API or use Zapier to connect LINKEM to all your favorite apps.


No limits.

No need to purchase expensive tools.

LINKEM is totally afforable, no matter how big or small your audience is. You get unlimited links, bio pages, QR codes, Splashlinks, LINKOvers ... and there are no monthly limits to the number of clicks. In fact, no limits anywhere!

No limits. Regularly $89.99 / year.

Get LINKEM LIFETIME for only $67.00!

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